Monday, July 11, 2011

Couch to 5k Day 1: Again

Brandon and I have officially started the c25k again... We ran at 5 today, and then got some subway afterwards.  Man was it hot out!

It might not have been so difficult of a run for me if I had picked a more shaded route... but I should stop making excuses.

I let Brandon set the pace for us, and I kept up for almost the entire run part, except the last two or three runs.  I'm glad I have someone to run with now,  and our plan is to do the Berbee Derby in November.

Oh, and there is a Horse Shoe Tournament in my backyard this Wednesday.  Should be a good time!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding Day 5k!

So, I officially fail at staying motivated to run lately.

School is out, and I'm onto week 3 of my internship (which is going great, by the way).  I'm not doing any triathlons this year (as of yet) because I haven't been able to train the way I want to, unfortunately.  However, seeing Ries do the Crazylegs race in April, and me being horrible at training, had gotten me kind of motivated to keep training.  I got a one week free membership to the Princeton Club to do some group exercise classes, and taught a spin class that I think went very well.  But since then...nada. 

I've cut my hours at Culvers, and I think I'll be able to run in the morning before my internship now without feeling completely burned out at night.  That, and Regina is holding a "Wedding Day 5k" that I cannot pass up.   :)  Oh, and its in a month? awesome.

The Memorial Day Parade was this morning, and it was unbelievably warm out.  But this adorable little boy came up to me afterwards wanted to play my drum.  I asked him to join the band, but he's not ready to make that kind of commitment yet ;)

Monday, March 28, 2011


So, I fail as a runner.  The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic and stressful for me, so I've slacked on running, and instead focused on getting sleep.  I think thats pretty fair, but my running shoes don't...

In other news, we're already onto week 11 of the semester, which means only 5 more weeks after Thursday! Huzzah!  I'm really excited for the semester to be over, and for summer to start!  I'm gonna be busy, but I'm really excited about it. 

I may be taking a road trip at the end of may, and I've also been offered both of the internships I've applied for, but I know I can't do the one for the Madison Mini Marathon :(.  I'm a little bit sad that I can't do both, but I know that the one at the Girl Scout Council will be the most beneficial for my career. 

Happy Training!  I hope that everyone is as excited for spring as I am!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shamrock Shuffle!

So, the Shamrock Shuffle was this morning, and Ries and I were the only two of our original group running it.  I was NOT prepared, due to me being lazy, most likely.  But Ries was definitely prepared, he ran the whole thing, including up Observatory Drive twice

I was really proud for running up Observatory the second time.  I didn't get the time I was hoping for, probably due to nausea halfway through, and right at the end (and not training sufficiently).  I probably will run another 5k before the Capitol View Triathlon in June, and also because Brandon still needs to run one :)

After the race, my mom and dad and I went to Potbelly's for lunch, and then I hiked back to the car and got changed into my kilt for the parade around the square.  I kept my running tights on underneath my kilt to keep my legs warm, and they did the trick. 

Right after the parade, I went out to REI with Regina to visit Steve, and to buy a running skort.  I've been contemplating buying one for a while, and now that its starting to get warm, I figured, why not?  Its really cute, and light-weight, so hopefully I like running in it!

Anyways, I hope you have an enjoyable rest of the week! Mine will be spent at Culvers!
Happy Training!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

For the Longest Time...

Whoops, its been a few weeks...

Its true, I haven't been very good at sticking to my work outs, but I've been busy!  With my brother in and out of the ER and hospital, midterms, lots of school work, and culvers. (by the way, Alex is fine.  He's not dead or dying, and I'm so very thankful for that)

This week I did week 4 and 5, and they were great.  I think I had a more difficult time because during the two times I ran this week, I accidentally skipped ahead a couple times on the walks.  Which meant I went from a 3 minute run right into a 5 minute run.  Or a 5 minute run into another 5 minute run.  I didn't realize until after my run what I had done.  I was grumpy

In other news, the Shamrock Shuffle is in a week! And I think its just Ries and I doing it... and he'll be running faster than I will, I'm sure.

Last weekend, Regina, Steve, and I went to the Endurance House for their grand opening event since they expanded their store.  They were having a raffle all weekend, and I was so close to winning one of them, but no dice.  I also got a free chair massage from the MATC massage students while I was there. 

I found out today that I inspired a few friends to do triathlons.  Nina and Alysha said they were going to train and hopefully compete in one in 2012!  I'm very excited for them, and I can't wait to have more friends to do triathlons with!

Happy Training!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heat Wave

I woke up this morning and did Week 3 Day 3.  If I want to finish this program before the race, I'm going to have to move fast.

I'm pretty sore from my workout yesterday, but its a good kind of sore. 

A list of things that are currently on my mind:
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Balloon Twisting
  • Applying for an internship with the Madison Mini Marathon
  • Getting the internship
I am really excited for all of the snow to melt.  Today was practically a heat wave, and I'm itching to get out on my bike this week.  Maybe Thursday? :)

Yay for Spring!
Happy Training!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


So I did Week 3 Day 2 today, which is the same as last time.  My leg feels tons better, thanks to Brandon and his brace.  However, I'm going to have to return it soon on account of he has shin splints but refuses to do anything about it.  Men.

I also bought a stability ball, like I mentioned I wanted to do earlier this week.  After recovering from some food poisoning or something on Wednesday, I bought it on Thursday, with high hopes.  So, today after my run I decided to try it out, along with the exercise DVD it came with. 

It. Kicked. My. Ass.

I am so unbelievably weak, and I hate it.  I don't want to be that person that pretends to be in shape, but is actually so out of shape its not even funny.  And, the reason I know this is because I had a fitness test on Thursday for my Group Exercise Instructor Certification class.  My muscular endurance is poor at best.  And this was the push I needed to get stronger.

I can't wait until the Shamrock Shuffle.  I don't think I'll be able to run the whole thing, but I just want to beat my 40 min time from my last 5k in September.

Happy Training!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 3 Day 1

I finally started Week 3!  I was a little nervous, since I wasn't sure if my leg would be up to it.  I wore the brace, and yes, it did hurt.  But once I stopped running, it was great.  I stretched and iced after, and then went to work 2-close.  The only pain I have right now is my back. 

Week 3 is 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, and repeat.  I did the runs at 5mph this week instead of 6, it helped make it not so painful.

I'm also looking into buying a stability ball.  I'm excited?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gives you Hell

I went for my first run today since I got shin splints last week.  I wore the brace that Brandon lent me (what a nice guy), and it went a lot better than I imagined.  I picked up where I left off, and did Week 2 Day 3 this morning. 

The 5 minute warm-up walk went fine, and the beginning of my run it bothered me a bit, but it went away as I got further into it.  Towards the end it started to hurt again, but once I stopped running it was fine.  I stretched, and iced and I feel great now. :)  I plan on swimming now to help with endurance.  I'm behind in my c25k training, and I want to be ready for March 13th.  I also have a doctors appt scheduled for February 15th, so if it still hurts by then I'll bring it up.

My new shoes are still awesome though.  They are so comfortable! Huzzah! I also want to congratulate Ries on running 2 miles in 20 minutes.  Yay! 

Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow, and we're going to have a few people over for pizza and lasagna.  I'm really excited that Culvers is closing at 5:30 so everyone can watch the game!  Dean earned bonus points there...

Have a great weekend!  Happy training!  Go Pack!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Zealand? Yes please!

So, its Tuesday again!  And there is a lot of snow on the ground, with more to come!  All I can think of is training outside in the warm weather and going swimming in water that isn't a pool.  So, here is a triathlon in New Zealand!

The Iron Man New Zealand this year is on March 5th.  It is the oldest international Iron Man race in its 27th year.  You do not need to qualify to race, but registration closed on December 31st, so if you want to race in 2012 make sure you register by the end of this year!  This race IS a Kona qualifier, however.  So you can enjoy a couple of vacations around your races too. 

Go check out the website and the pictures!  I love looking at pictures of everyone crossing the finish line.  The look of accomplishment on their faces is priceless. :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011


So, I went for my first run in my new shoes. 

Good News: The shoes feel great, and are really comfortable.  They are supportive and don't hurt my feet/ankles at all.

Bad News: It was a horrible run.  My stomach started to bug me, and my lower leg started to hurt.  Its my left leg, to the right of my shin.  A little online research leads me to believe is posterior shin splints? But it could be a stress fracture by now since its been bugging me for a few days and hasn't gotten better. It was to the point where I couldn't walk on it without wincing.

I'm gonna try to get a doctors appt in the AM, but if I can't I'm screwed until Friday.  Hopefully it starts to feel better.  It hurts to the touch, and I iced it after my run.  But I'm gonna take it easy the next couple of days.  Too bad I have to work 10 hours tomorrow...

New Shoes!

Brandon and I went on an adventure yesterday afternoon for new running shoes for both of us, and some new work shoes for him.  I had a gift certificate to Berkeley Running Company from my parents for Christmas this year, so I decided to go there.  Tony was very helpful, and I'll definitely go back there for new shoes in the future. I tried on 4 pairs of shoes, I think.  Asics, Nike, Mizuno, and Brooks.  I like the way the Mizuno were not as cushy, my feet felt supported, but free.  Tony explained it well, something like feeling connected with the road/ground.  I'm really excited to go for a run.  I haven't been able to yet, so I'll keep you posted. 

Brandon went to Famous Footwear and bought some no slip boots, and some Nikes that look pretty fancy.  He was pretty pleased with all of the people that helped us today.  "My faith in humanity has been restored." he said. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Running in the Snow

Week 2 Day 1 was not as bad as I imagined it being.  Brandon and I went for a run this morning at 8:30 on the Starkweather Creek Path again, except that it wasn't unbelievably cold this time, it was just snowy.  I've never actually done a run in the snow, and I was worried that it would be pretty slippery, but since nobody had walked through it yet it wasn't so bad.  We almost got hit by a biker, and we had to stay out of the way of the truck plowing the path, but otherwise we didn't see a soul.
I feel pretty good now, except for a weird tickle in my throat, but that may be due to the cold air?

On a more random note, I had my blood checked yesterday, and I'm pretty anemic, or so my doctor says.  So I'm back to taking vitamins to boost my iron levels.  She said that it would help with my training, and make me not feel so tired, so even though they make me feel gross at first, hopefully they'll help in the long run.  :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Can't Imagine...

Running without freezing my face off, and slipping on ice right now.  So, I'm thinking that every couple of days, or maybe just Tuesdays, I'll post some info on a race where its no so cold and icy :) 
Today's race is....The Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon and 1/2 Marathon!
A rockin’ mix of running and live entertainment will be all aces along the Vegas Strip at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. Expect a high-energy, rockin’ run, action-packed course that screams the excitement of Vegas and electrifying shows and concerts for post-race partying you’ll never forget! Join us for The Ultimate Vegas Experience, without the risk…Guaranteed rock ‘n’ roll!

Read more about this race here.

Its a winter race, of course since its not in the Midwest at the beginning of December.  The race this year is December 4th 2011.  Average temp for Vegas in December is 50ยบ, I would definitely not be complaining about that.  And walkers are even welcome! Even though there is a time limit and you have to finish the marathon in 5 hours and 30 minutes, and the half marathon in 4 hours.  

Doesn't that sound fun?  Maybe once I turn 21 I'll make my way to that...

Monday, January 24, 2011


I did my last day of Week 1 in the c25k training program today, and I did all of the runs at my 10 minute mile pace.  The running part felt good, I didn't feel like I was getting tired, or out of breath, but when I would go to the walk part I was exhausted from the get-go.  Maybe that is to be expected? I don't know.. I was thinking about maybe running outside today with Brandon, but then it started to snow and I was walking around downtown in the cold already.  Running outside just wasn't in the cards.  I hopped onto my trusty treadmill, and it shocked me! Literally.  Every time I touched the railings/handholds the bugger shocked me!  Maybe that was worked into the design so people wouldn't cheat by holding on? On the bright side, my hands didn't get all tingly/itchy/painful like they did on Saturday during my run, so that makes me feel better.  I wonder why they did that...

I also did some strength training and yoga.  Boy will I be sore tomorrow.  At least it will be satisfying.  I'm not sure if you noticed, but I put a countdown timer to my first race of the year.  It seems like its a long ways away, but it definitely isn't.  I hope we're all ready. 

On a more random note, I bought markers yesterday to use for this journal I'm keeping about all of the races I've completed.  They are "Crayola Pipsqueak Skinnies" and they are the cutest markers I've ever seen!  I looked at the names of the colors, like Kitten Gray, Inchworm Green, and Small Potatoes, and I found that one was misspelled!  "Madarin Orange" is what it says on the packaging, but the marker says Mandarin Orange.   I'm considering sending in that snippet to see if I get a response?  Yes or no?

I also found a race that I really want to do.  But I'm not quite ready for it.  The Disney Princess Half Marathon.  How fun would that be?! Once I can afford to travel to Disney World and do this, it will definitely be done. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I am training with a friend to do a 5k on March 13th called The Shamrock Shuffle.  I have run a 5k race before, but the last one was September 26th, 2010 and I have since stopped training/running/working out entirely.  Anyway, we had started this program back in November, and the weather got colder and it started snowing and we both decided to hibernate for that part of the winter.

Now that the holidays are over, we're back on track!  Brandon and I went for our first run together (Outside!) this past Thursday the 20th, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.  We ran on the Starkweather Creek Path, running a distance of about 2 miles, alternating one minute running, 1 1/2 minutes walking for 20 minutes.   By the end of our run, my legs were so cold I couldn't feel them, and when I began to warm up they were the most painful during the thawing period.

Day 2 (Saturday the 22nd) for week one was a different experience entirely.  I ran by myself, on a treadmill, in my basement.  I used to think running on a treadmill was way easier, because you can't really stop moving, or else you fall off.  When I started running outside I found having houses, trees, people, and animals to look at is far more entertaining.  At least on a treadmill I can tell exactly how fast I'm going, and set my target speed.  I decided to do the running parts at 6mph, which would be the 10 minute mile pace I'm aiming for.  It felt pretty good, and I did the run portions at that speed for 7/9 runs.  The other two were 5mph. 

I finished this run with an ab workout consisting for supermans, planks, side planks, and metronomes.  I am pretty sore today, but I feel good about it :)