Thursday, January 27, 2011

Running in the Snow

Week 2 Day 1 was not as bad as I imagined it being.  Brandon and I went for a run this morning at 8:30 on the Starkweather Creek Path again, except that it wasn't unbelievably cold this time, it was just snowy.  I've never actually done a run in the snow, and I was worried that it would be pretty slippery, but since nobody had walked through it yet it wasn't so bad.  We almost got hit by a biker, and we had to stay out of the way of the truck plowing the path, but otherwise we didn't see a soul.
I feel pretty good now, except for a weird tickle in my throat, but that may be due to the cold air?

On a more random note, I had my blood checked yesterday, and I'm pretty anemic, or so my doctor says.  So I'm back to taking vitamins to boost my iron levels.  She said that it would help with my training, and make me not feel so tired, so even though they make me feel gross at first, hopefully they'll help in the long run.  :)


  1. We start serving in gourmet next week and fois gras is an option for an appetizer. you'll get like 3x your daily value of iron, and probably like 5x your daily value of fat, but it's all good.


  2. spinach, have a little meat once in a while, and take your vitamins. I'm chicken to run outside.